About Us

Maulana is the world’s best and most famous Muslim Scholar, and he has about 38 years of solving people’s problems using the Quran and hadiths. He has solved thousands of people’s issues, and you can check more about Maulana on Google and social media.

How Does It Help Ya Wazifa?

Maulana  wants to provide the right path to all Muslim brothers and sisters according to Quran and hadis. According to Molana Saab, all problems related to our life can be easily solved by the Quran Pak. A right molana will provide you with good dua and wazifa, surah to solve your problems using proper Islamic methods. You can directly ask your issues to molana Saab by using a mobile number or WhatsApp, and he will give you the right information.

Why I Trust On Ya Wazifa?

  1. We will provide you with the right solution using Quran and hadis.
  2. Molana Abdul Khan has 38 plus years of experience.
  3. We have thousands of success stories.
  4. Ya Wazifa is a growing Islamic solution provider.

Are you seeking help like Love, Marriage, Property, Husband-Wife, Family, Talaq Job, Money etc.? if yes, ask Molana Saab by calling hum directly or using WhatsApp. He will listen to your problem and give you a perfect dua/wazifa/surah to solve your problem quickly.

Note:- Do all dua/wazifa/surah properly according to Maulana guidance to get effect on a given time. Must Read 7 Powerful Rules Before Doing Any Dua or Wazifa.